Wolves at the Gate

From the Occupy Movement to the Tea Party I have found Iowans are very sincere in their desire to fix broke governance. This also includes the self-named Socialist, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians I’ve talked to.

Wolves at the Gate in Iowa

Having made it to all 99 counties several times, it is apparent that Iowans have certain things in common. They value family. They are willing to help their neighbors.  They are willing to sacrifice if the need arises. They are honest and have both personal and public integrity. And, they are willing to give the leadership they have elected or hired the authority, resources and trust asked for, to get the job done.

The goodness of Iowans is not a vice nor a weakness. It is not something to look upon with contempt.

It does not make us suckers because we Iowans have decided to see the best in others not the worse; to hope for the best for our children not expect the worse.

Unfortunately the foundation upon which the power elite in this state govern – a truly united tri-partisan coalition (Republicans, Democrats and the special interests that fund them) – is the decency and trust of Iowans.

Leaders of both sides have not only been silent regarding the vast corruption and fraud committed in the name of governance for decades in areas like education in Iowa, but many have prospered from the corruption and fraud.

As a result our state is being savaged by these beasts we call leaders who see us as sheep and lambs for the slaughter. They have no shame, no guilt. The only thing that has even slowed their gorging is the fear of choking on their kill. So they momentarily pause and then swiftly resume the devouring.

Now, the data supports this.

Look at the fraud that is school construction in this state – building, building, building while teachers are laid off and kids are told they can’t take home books to do homework because there are not enough.

Or what about the annual $500 – $750 million fraud where districts claim students that simply do not exist and because everyone does it everyone is allowed to continue doing it.

This fraud is as blatant as when a doctor claims he is treating 800 patients daily and Medicare pays the bill.

At times like this the partisan and ideological divide must give way to self-preservation. Iowa can survive our differences on the issues.

It cannot survive the “Alliance of Corruption” that controls our state whether it be the official Branstad-Gronstal-Paulson Administration or the Cabal consisting of groups like the general contractors and individuals like Bruce Rastetter.

We are not sheep, and it is time for us as Iowans to unite and prove them wrong.


If not for the rescue of our state then for the future of our children. This is a great state and one worth fighting for.

By Jonathan Narcisse, originally published September 5, 2012.