[Q&A] Mental Health Redesign in Iowa

Health and Human Service spending by state government dwarfs all other fiscal priorities, including education. Annual Medicaid spending in Iowa tops $3.5 billion annually with Iowa taxpayer contributions to the program coming in at well over $1 billion annually.

Iowa State Expenditures

If Education is perceived as the lion of the Iowa jungle, Human Services is the elephant with the Department serving nearly one million unduplicated clients annually.

Iowa Medicaid

On Friday, September 18, 2015, UrbanIowaToday.com met with Theresa Armstrong and Amy McCoy to discuss the state’s massive Mental Health and Disability Services Redesign, why it was necessary and what it means to our state, counties, taxpayers and citizens of Iowa.

Theresa Armstrong is the Bureau Chief of Community Services and Planning with the Division of Mental Health and Disability Services. She has been with the Iowa Department of Human Services for 12 years.

Theresa Armstrong Iowa DHS

Theresa Armstrong

Amy McCoy Iowa DHS

Amy McCoy

Amy McCoy is the Public Information Officer for the Iowa Department of Human Services. She oversees communications for the nearly one million Iowans served by the agency each year.

For more information goto: http://dhs.iowa.gov/.